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In the Ara Irititja KMS, the following draft approach is being utilised by the Pitjantjatjara Council. It is still subject to ‘fine tuning’.

1. In the Item View screen, in the metadata tab ‘Item’ (‘Item Info’ in our database) we have two fields (attributes) of relevance. The following texts are being entered as a default for each record in the database. If there is some specific need, we will vary or add text to individual records. Prior to such variation we are able to accommodate any suggested improvements to the texts.

Copyright and Intellectual Property: (two original attributes amalgamated)

All content in this archive is subject to Australian copyright law. The content is also subject to the intellectual property and moral rights of Anangu. Ara Irititja is committed to promote the protection and respect for those rights.

Conditions of Use

All images, media and content in this archive require permission to copy, publish or display. This permission needs to be obtained from two sources. Anangu are the moral rights holders and their approval needs to be obtained. Approval also needs to be obtained from the source of the collection. The conditions of this permission are specified in the relevant Collection Profile.

2. The Collection Profile may be accessed through the Selection Screen or by selecting ‘View Record’ from the small orange cog button to the right of the ‘Collection’ attribute in the ‘Item’ tab. In each Collection Profile is a summary of the agreement that we have with the source of each collection.

A sample text for an Institution collection follows:

Conditions of Use:

In 1986, archival materials were collected at the request of Anangu who wished to use the material in the classroom and for family history purposes. This was prior to the formal commencement of the Ara Irititja project in 1994. In 1995, the people or institutions who supplied the original material were contacted and informed of the Ara Irititja project and invited to participate again.

The Ara Irititja project has received copies of material from a number of state and national collecting institutions. These copies have been provided for viewing and personal distribution to Anangu families and communities only, or for community education purposes. Ara Irititja has received no permission to allow copying or publication for any other means.

Any enquiries for permission to publish or display content from this collection must be made directly to the relevant institution.

Sample ‘Item’ tab with ‘Collection’ selected. Sample ‘Collection Profile’.

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