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A web-based bug management system, called "Bugzilla" has been setup to assist users report and manage issues found during the acceptance testing and on-going operation of Ara Irititja KMS. Bugzilla allows users to login and submit bugs/issues with the software or request an enhancement to include in future versions.

Here are some important reasons why users are required to use Bugzilla:

All testers/users of the Ara Irititja KMS must adopt Bugzilla as the mandatory method for notifying the developer of bugs and issues found within the Archive. Once an initial bug report has been lodged, additional information containing a Bug ID reference number may be provided using alternative means.

Following this process will improve the quality and stability of the software in a time efficient manner; an outcome which is desirable for all parties involved.

Visit Bugzilla: Ara Iritija KMS


Creating an Account

You must setup an account before using Bugzilla. To do this:

  1. Open a browser window and go to: Bugzilla: Ara Iritija KMS. Click the large blue 'Open a new Account' button.
  2. Enter a valid email address in the field provided. An account confirmation email will be sent to the email address within a minute or two.
  3. A link to activate your account will be contained within the message of the email. Click the link and enter a password for your new account once the page has opened.
  4. By default, Bugzilla notifies every account holder of any changes made to bugs lodged within the system. For most account holders, this is likely to be a needless annoyance. Fortunately it can be turned off.

    To disable email notifications, click the 'Preference' link at the top of the page — you will need to login if you have not already done so. Click 'Email Preferences' tab and press the 'Disable All Mail' button. Save your changes by pressing the 'Submit Changes' button at the bottom of the page.

Lodging a Bug

To lodge a bug using Bugzilla:

  1. Login to Bugzilla using your acount. Click the large green 'File a Bug' button on the home screen.
  2. Click the 'Show Advanced Fields' link on the 'Enter Bug: Ara Irititja KMS' page to reveal all fields.
  3. Provide or select a value for the following controls:
    • Component: choose a component that best categorises the bug being filed.
    • Version: choose the version of the Archive software in which the bug was found. The Archive version number can be found on the bottom of the About Screen inside the Archive.
    • Severity: choose a severity of the issue found.
    • Hardware: choose the computer hardware you were using to view the Archive at the time the issue occurred.
    • OS: choose the operating system you were using to view the Archive at the time the issue occurred.
    • Priority: choose the priority that should be given to the issue that you have found.
    • Functional Spec. Ref.: (optional) if the issue can be related to a Functional Specification requirement, then enter the requirement reference number into this field.
    • Browser: choose the browser you were using to view the Archive at the time the issue occurred.
    • Server Environment: choose the server configuration you were using when the issue occurred.
    • Summary: enter a short description, approx. 60 characters or less, of the issue. The summary should quickly and uniquely identify the bug being lodged.
    • Description: enter a description of the issue. This should include a more detailed restatement of the summary, easy-to-follow steps that will enable the developer to reproduce the bug and a comparison between expected results and actual results.
    • Attachment: (optional) if the issue is of a graphical nature then a screen shot can be attached.
    All other fields can be ignored. Click 'Submit Bug' once you have completed the form.
  4. The bug has been lodged within the system. The bug editing page is now displayed. If you you wish to refine the details of your submission then you can do so now.

Browsing 'Open' Bugs

To view all 'open' bugs — those bugs that have been submitted but not fixed — click the 'Browse' link at the top of the page. Click a component's title to view the 'open' bugs for that component.

Search for All Bugs

To view all bugs — both 'open' and 'closed' — in the system, select the 'Search' link at the top of the page. Select the `Simple Search' tab if its not already selected. Choose 'All' from the 'Status' popup menu, then press 'Search'.

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